We are a community of peers who support each other through mental illness and life.

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.
— Margaret Mead

Hi and welcome!

I'm Zen and I am the founder of The Haven, an 18 and over peer support mental health chat on Discord (a live voice, video, and text platform originally designed for gamers). Our sister server is Haven Retreat, for everyone ages 13+ looking for emotional support and a community of caring peers, with or without mental illness.


Every member of The Haven lives with a mental illness, including the moderators and administrators. You do not need an official diagnosis to chat, but you must believe or suspect that you are living with a mental illness. Peer support is unique and facilitates an environment of compassion and understanding. It is vital to share experiences with people who understand and relate.

We have 10+ support channels where you can have one on one chats with other members about whatever is troubling you, as well as a channel for group support. Many members have volunteered their time to focus on providing support for others when they feel able. You may find that sometimes no one is available to chat, due to the unpredictable nature of an international volunteer network. However, we do our best to ensure that no one feels alone.


Haven Retreat is a 13 and over server dedicated to creating a space for everyone, with or without a mental illness, to come together and find support and community. We have categories dedicated to school subjects and life advice for teenagers and young adults, a parenting mental illness category that focuses on the experience of the parent whose child is mentally ill, as well as general interest and support channels. Like The Haven, Retreat offers one on one volunteer support sessions. Anyone can volunteer.


Our community is international and often lively. In both servers there are channels for selfies, venting, general mental health conversation, and a daily prompt to spur your mind into action. We hold groups on The Haven in voice chat and over text that focus on specific aspects of mental illness, including addiction, eating disorders, CBT, anxiety, and DBT.

We host a variety of cross-server recreational events like group video game sessions, rabb.it movies and book club (find us on GoodReads). We also have a new forum hosted by PsychCentral that is open to everyone 13 and up! Check it out. This includes friends, family, and other loved ones, as well as people who just want to help out.

We are diligent about maintaining a safe space for our users. The moderating team is active and takes the safety of our community seriously. Please do not hesitate to bring issues to team members.

Welcome to The Haven. We're happy to have you here.

I didn’t know much about Discord servers coming into Haven, but it quickly became my home community and a safe place where I could connect with people who shared my struggles and I shared theirs. When the world was harsh and not understanding, instead of isolating myself and feeling worse and worse, I reached out to this community. It really saved me.
— Alex, Moderator

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Retreat is for everyone, with or without a mental illness, as long as you are over 13.

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